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Review: Our Personal Shopping Experience With lululemon

With the fitness industry absolutely booming at the moment, the pressure is on to not only look good physically, but to make sure you look good whilst attempting to do just that. Cue the name on everyone’s lips, lululemon, a Canadian athletic apparel company with its roots in yoga and its flagship (luckily for us) right on Regent Street.

So, you’ve decided you want to purchase some new gym gear, but you have no idea where to start. Well fear not, because the aptly named ‘educators’ (or store staff to us non-informed folk) at lululemon are here to save the day. We booked into the lululemon personal shopping suite to check out what was on offer.


Before our appointment, a member of the Personal Shopping team gave us a pre-booking phone call just to get a feel for what we loved (and hated!) so she could hand-pick some items to start.

The first thing you will notice as you are shown upstairs into the beautiful personal suite is the amazing smell, scented candles are lit and relaxing music is playing so you really do feel as though you are stepping out of the ‘real world’ for a while.

Our expert ‘educator’ Tia made us feel right at home and told us to take a seat in one of the remarkably comfortable armchairs, while she made us tea and coffee and talked us through the pieces that she had chosen for us. We had a range of colours, style and lengths to try on which she had personally selected. At first sight, tight-fitting, light coloured trousers can send shivers down the spine of even the Naomi Campbell’s of this world, but we were encouraged to try something new, what’s the worst that could happen? All of our needs were taken care of, be that different sizes/colours and being able to have everything brought straight to your fitting room is a luxury that we never knew we needed.


The one concern that most people have with having their own personal shopping experience is feeling pressure to make a purchase. Although Tia was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the lululemon products which she was recommending, there was never any pressure to buy. What really made this experience stand out is that the lululemon staff genuinely want you to explore new styles and whether you are looking for standard yoga pants, a dainty sports bra or some ‘chill out’ trousers, they know exactly what to recommend and will even give you full advice on aftercare and what other pieces to pair it with. So even if you do decide not to purchase, you will have had your eyes opened to the wonderful world of lululemon and their gorgeous products. Although we did leave with a few pieces which we couldn’t resist (yes we were even swayed to pick the LIGHT COLOURED TROUSERS). Our favourite product – the ‘On The Fly Pant’ not only do they fit like an absolute dream but they are the perfect piece to dress up for work or down for just lounging around at home.


The final bit of good news, this whole experience is completely free, so there really is nothing to lose. It is so easy to book and they have a variety of times available to suit your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Privilege Card for your exclusive 10% off and get down to lululemon today! (They can also do birthdays and other celebrations!)

Email: thesuiteregentstreet@lululemon.com to book an appointment